Ronnie Irwin was selling cars for 10 years at a Toyota dealership. In 2008 the economy started getting bad and gas prices were high. Ronnie had been making jerky at home and selling it in baggies at work. Ronnie really wanted to quit his job and start a jerky business, and so that is what he did. He put a commercial kitchen in his garage at his house. He sold jerky retail at horse sales, fairs, festivals, rodeos, flea markets and anywhere he could to market it. Eventually he set his sites on USDA inspection which was expensive and grueling. The process was not easy dealing with the Government but he was determined. He found a new building and finally got his USDA inspection in October of 2011. His business has grown so much in 8 months and he is very proud. Irwin's now has jerky in over 450 stores across middle Tennessee. Irwin's hand slices USDA Top Round and marinates it for 14-18 hours in Ronnie's secret mix. Ronnie has his own blend of seasonings he sprinkles on every piece by hand and then dehydrates the meat for over 6 hours. Every piece is hand cut and we remove most of the fat so we get nice lean protein treats. No added preservatives or MSG.

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